Free Digital Marketing Tools

The time it takes for digital marketers to implement the strategy is increased by the time spent on various activities. The use of free digital marketing tools can help marketers work more efficiently. There are a ton of marketing tools on the market today, and a ton more are being added every day.

Selecting a suitable digital marketing tool becomes difficult due to increased marketing plans and decreased marketing budget. Isn’t it wonderful to receive these tools for no cost? Yes, you read that correctly. Numerous online marketing tools are available for no cost. Let’s stack these tools for you right away, then.

Free Digital Marketing Tools

Hemingway App

The typical human attention span is less than 9 seconds. As marketers, we have limited time to draw in, dazzle, and convert prospects. It means correcting your writing will be challenging if you use long phrases and complex terms. I utilize the Hemingway app to streamline my writing. Long sentences that can be difficult for online readers to read are color-coded.

I’ve also used other writing tools, but this one is much easier to use than the others. Because the emphasis is more on readability and how reader-friendly your content is, there aren’t many grammar suggestions.


QuillBot’s paraphraser feature impressed me when I first started using it. The idea is essential. By entering your passage and selecting “Rephrase,” QuillBot will use its AI training to present a more polished version of your text. Users can choose various modes to tailor the paraphrase to their specific requirements. However, you can only use the Standard and Fluency modes in the free version. You must upgrade to premium to use the rest.

Grammar Checker and Summarizer are additional features that are offered. Another innovative application of AI is the Summarizer feature, which condenses lengthy passages into a concise statement by highlighting only the crucial sentences. Grammar Checker only offers simple, unimpressive grammar corrections.

To The Web

As the only element users see in the search results, meta tags keep your content SEO-optimized and aid in generating clicks. However, as you are well aware, writing them presents some difficulties. character restriction

Shortened meta descriptions and titles result from exceeding this limit, which is bad for business. With the help of this free tool from the web team, you can write meta tags within the character and pixel limits. One of the many reasons I enjoy using this tool is that it is one of the select few that effectively aid marketers in SEO writing.

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